Spring Loaded Glitter Cannon

£22.99 £18.99

Our Most Popular Product: The Biggest Glitter Bomb in a tube! 

Lets face it, glitter is awful. Everybody knows it! 

This spring loaded glitter bomb is the ultimate way to ruin someones day with glitter gauranteed to go everywhere. Its a no brainer! We pack more glitter (a lot more) in here than our other products, so when your victim opens up their glitter glitter cannon.. it.. goes… EVERYWHERE!

It gets everywhere and you can’t get rid of it. Send a tube filled with glitter, ready to explode everywhere as soon as they open it!

It could be an ex, a shitty company you’ve dealt with, a nightmare boss, or a great prank on your best mate!

We the only UK vendor who is offering the spring loaded glitter bomb.

This service is completely 100% anonymous guaranteed, we promise never to disclose your information. The glitter is completely harmless, just takes a good bit of tidying up. So you can relax knowing theres no danger or chance of getting caught.

We can either send this glitter bomb directly to your friend/enemy to open unexpectedly or we can ship it to you to give to them personally. After you’ve added the item to your basket, on the checkout page enter either your address (if you want to give it to them personally) or their address (if you want them to open it unexpectedly – often better) and cover some one with a glitter bomb they won’t forget!