Absolutely 100% Guaranteed. We take your privacy very seriously.

We will not mention your name to anyone, EVER! There will be no trace of anyone who sent the package.

In fact, we’re not even allowed to say who sent the package by law, as it would breach the data protection act… so you are certain to keep it anonymous.

It sure is! We are a legitimate website offering the products and services available.

No, our glitter is non-toxic and does not stain or damage materials. It is totally harmless fun, even if it gets everywhere (like a keyboard)

It will certainly require a good bit of tidying up… but thats the fun! Go on – make someones day…

There is a little sticker which says they have been glitter bombed. Thats all.

Nothing else at all, no message, no name, etc

Sadly we don’t offer the ability to write custom messages on our glitter bombs and glitter letters.

If a message is added to the order notes it will not be written in the cards/cannons

On the checkout page, the first address is the billing address (thats your address) the second address is the victims address (thats your friends address). So the second address is where we will deliver the item to.

If you think you have made an error then get in touch and we will happily fix this for you.

Yes absolutely, just enter you details in the delivery address section… just remember that you posted it to yourself to not glitter bomb yourself!

We currently support Paypal and all Major credit cards.

Yes, we ship all around the world. International shipping will incur an additionally cost based on location

We aim to process all orders within 48 hours however it is usually much quicker than this!

We use 1st class delivery so it takes between 24-48 hours to be delivered

Yes, please get in touch with us letting us know you wish to cancel the order.